Thousands honor MLK at annual Little Rock Marade

By Matt Johnson

LITTLE ROCK - The Capitol City's famous Martin Luther King Jr. Marade attracted thousands this year as they paid tribute to the legendary civil rights pioneer.

Music, cars, and dancers filled Marin Luther King Boulevard along with spectators eager to take in this year's march and parade.

"Martin Luther King changed the world," said 4-year-old Dimitrios Stubblefield.

People of all ages rallied around a message of hope and peace that included the participation of hundreds of local non-profits and small businesses.

Young or old, Dr. King's legacy served as inspiration for everyone in attendance.

"He stood up for what he believed in, and he's the true definition of motivation and determination," said Ashley Cummings.

Some hope it served as a wake-up call to stop some of the black-on-black violence that plagues certain Little Rock neighborhoods.

"The crime that's going on, blacks are going against each other for no reason, we should be standing together and making each other stronger than to divide and fall," said Candace Harper.

Most of them were strangers, but on Monday so many said they stood for something together.

"He fought for us and he fought for not even thinking about how many generations would have came together like this," said Harper. "It's a blessing, it is truly a blessing."

However, not everyone agreed that Dr. King's dream has been entirely fulfilled.

"Like everything that you build, it needs maintenance," said Carlton McClinton with the Watch D.O.G.S. organization. "So that's what we're here to do, keep up the maintenance on it."