Three arrested in Hillcrest home invasion robbery

Little Rock Police say they'vecaught the three men who broke into a Hillcrest home and held a woman atgunpoint while they raided her belongings.

Alexander Higgins, 22, WilbertChamp, 23, and Luke Patton, 20, are now behind bars. Both Higgins and Patton are facing chargesfor aggravated robbery, aggravated burglary, and theft of property.

Champ faces several othersincluding breaking or entering, control substance, possession of marijuana,aggravated robbery, aggravated residential robbery, and theft of property.

On December 6, the homeowner at 3800block of Oakwood Road said she was asleep in bed when she heard banging noisesupstairs. Three men stole TVs, iPhones,a laptop, other electronics and jewelry as they held her at gunpoint.

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