Three in life threatening condition after Lonoke County back road accident

LONOKE COUNTY (KATV) - A night joyride turned into a brutal accident, and three young men are clinging to life.

Everything was quiet Tuesday night near Lake Pickthorne, where fishing and camping are a regular sighting. But what happened when a SUV drove over the railroad tracks there, changed that innocent night.

"With it being so secluded and where the vehicle ended up, if there wasn't somebody there that seen that happen, if they were incapacitated, it wouldn't have been good at all," Lt. James Kulesa with Lonoke County Sheriff's Department said.

Lonoke County officials said the men came across a railroad track before turning around and returning, hitting a large bump on the tracks and apparently at a high rate of speed.

The four Jacksonville men in the car are identified as 20-year-old Damion Donovan (serious condition), 20-year-old Jose Acosta (stable but critical condition), 18-year-old Corey Cater (serious but stable), and 19-year-old Joseph Roberts who was discharged from the hospital.

"It appears that the vehicle rolled maybe more than once. That really hasn't been determined it's still under investigation," Kulesa added. "As far as speed goes or anything like that, that's still being investigated."

With the investigation in the early stages, deputies are still unsure if alcohol or drugs played a part in the accident. However, that type of activity is no stranger to the area where this accident happened.

"We kind of patrol that area out there. We've made arrests out there that were drug connected and alcohol connected. We have a really good relationship with Arkansas Game & Fish, we've done a couple of operations out there," Kulesa continued.