Three killed in a family of 11 in Pulaski County

(KATV) The Tittle family, a family of 9 children and two parents are suffering greatly at the loss of three family members. Their home was hit in a tornado Monday night, demolishing everything and killing father Rob Tittle, 48, sister Tori Tittle, 20 and sister Rebekah Tittle, 14. The mother, Kerry Tittle and seven other children, ages 19, 17, 12, 9, 6, 4 and an 8 month-old baby survived. They are all out of the hospital, according to a family member.One of the sisters, Emily Tittle was cleaning up some of the debris yesterday, when she found her bible, given to her by her father Rob. It had a special note in it written to her."They were, there's 11 of them. And those kids, their parents were awesome because those kids just reflected them. So well mannered, so well behaved. Fun loving positive. their faith in god is what held that family together," said Shelly Linn, a friend of the family. As family and friends dig and work to put even the tiniest of pieces back to together, friends say even through this tragedy, with faith, they'll be ok."Oh yeah, God will get them through. They were a bless to anyone and everyone who knew them or knows them," Linn said. Donations to help the Tittle family can be made to any Simmons Bank or the Bible Church of Little Rock.