Three teen boys accused of raping teen girl at dental office

WEST MEMPHIS - Three teenagers are accused of raping a teenage girl while on a trip to the dentist's office in Phillips County.

A van took the 14-year-old victim from her charter school to the dentist and stopped to pick up three teenage boys from another school.

They were then taken to the dental clinic where the attack allegedly happened.

Dr. Larry Browning didn't want to talk on camera, but assistant police chief Ronald Scott described the pain the Helena-West Helena dentist feels.

"A person that wants to reach out and do something positive for the community. To have such a negative thing to happen in his facility," said Scott.

A 14-year old girl told police she was raped in the bathroom of the Twin Cities Dental Clinic by at least three teenage boys.

The victim and her accused attackers were among a number of students brought to the clinic for routine dental work.

For several years Twin Cities worked with parents who don't have a vehicle, to pick up and transport students to the clinic for dental work and return them to school.

The practice is fairly common in the Helena-West Helena school district and does not involve school buses or employees.

Dr. Browning did say nobody in his office heard any sign that a violent rape was happening.

The bathrooms are several yards from the waiting area, it wasn't until the 14-year old was being driven back to Kipp Charter School school that she reported the attack.

"We've already had the rape kit to be done and sent off to the crime lab. So we're waiting on the results of that," said Scott.

Two 16-year olds and a 15-year old all from Central High School are now charged with the girl's rape.

Police say all three have juvenile records. Two of them were even wearing GPS tracking bracelets, which helped police find them.

"One of them wasn't working at the time, but the other one was. And that gave us the ability to know exactly where they were at the particular time. And we used that to know that they were in that particular place," said Scott.

Two of them could be charged as adults because they were already facing criminal charges.