Three teens accused of raping special needs student at West Memphis High School

Terrence Jones, 16

WEST MEMPHIS (KATV) - Three teens allegedly raped and beat a male special needs student in the bathroom at West Memphis High School.

According to police records, 16-year-old Terrence Jones, 17-year-old Kenneth Bedford (aka "Lil Kenny") and 15-year-old Orlando Hamilton were all charged as adults on counts of rape and first degree battery.

When questioned separately by police, all three said that they were skipping class February 13 when they went into one of the school's bathroom. The victim then walked in and the trio started bullying him.

After that, each of the suspects had a different version of what happened. Jones and Hamilton each pointed the finger at each other as the person who actually raped the victim. Bedford denied a rape happened at all but said that they tried to rob him.

The victim told police he was going to the bathroom when the three suspects came up behind him and forced him to the ground. He said one of the boys held him down while a second raped him.

Afterwards, the victim went to report the incident to the principal but told officers he was sent back to class. He called a family member after school who then notified the police.

After talking to investigators, the victim was taken to a Memphis hospital to be tested for evidence of sexual assault. At last check, no word on the results of those tests.

West Memphis Police Capt. Ken Mitchell confirmed the victim is a special needs student but would not specify the nature of his disability.

"The West Memphis School District Administration andthe West Memphis Police Department are working together to protect the rightsof the victim in this incident," Capt. Mitchell said, "and to help keep the entire school district asafe place for all students that attend West Memphis Schools."