To Toll or Not To Toll : Highway Department Considers Pay for Drive Stretch of I-40

Would you be willing to pay a toll to drive in a third lane on Interstate 40 between Little Rock and Memphis?

That's the question, the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department is asking.

For the next two weeks you can go to and share your opinion.

If you've traveled that stretch of I-40 before, you know how congested that two lane road can get, especially with construction or when there's an accident.

The highway department says there is a need for a third lane, but the question is how do they pay for it.

The gas tax isn't bringing in the revenue it once did.

One option AHTD is considering is a toll lane, similar to the EZ pass lanes you see in other states.

"It could be a trucks only lane that would be tolled or it would be anyone that wanted to travel in that type of lane, a fast lane, an HOV lane you know a through lane. There are many many options, said Department Spokesman Danny Straessle.

Those decisions would not be made until the toll study is complete at the end of the year.