Tom Cotton makes it official; files for U.S. Senate

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Monday U.S. Senate candidate Tom Cotton secured his place on the November ballot by filing with both the Republican Party of Arkansas and the Secretary of State. Cotton will face longtime incumbent U.S. Senator Mark Pryor in November.

Cotton made the following statement upon filing:

Over the next several months I will continue to lay out my vision for change in Washington that is already resonating with Arkansans.{} Together we can work to restore our nation's fiscal health and get our economy moving again by repealing Obamacare, reining in out-of-control federal spending, and preventing more failed Washington-knows-best policies.{} Our campaign will offer a clear contrast with Senator Mark Pryor, who went to Washington more than a decade ago promising to be an independent voice for Arkansas.{} Instead Senator Pryor has rubber-stamped the Obama agenda at every opportunity, voting with the President more than 90% of the time and supporting Obamacare, the wasteful stimulus, the Wall Street bailouts, cap and trade and other failed Obama Administration policies.

About Tom Cotton:

Tom Cotton is the Congressman for the Fourth District of Arkansas. Tom is a combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, an Army Ranger, and a Bronze Star and Combat Infantryman Badge recipient. Tom is a graduate of Harvard and Harvard Law School and has worked as a business consultant at McKinsey & Co. A sixth-generation Arkansan, Tom lives in Dardanelle, where he grew up on his family's farm. For more information about Tom's campaign, visit