Tom Cotton Under Fire for Comments about Women's Role in the Military

(KATV) - Congressman Tom Cotton has only been in office a week and is already making national headlines following a radio interview on the Laura Ingraham Show where he discussed the role of women in the military.

Cotton voiced his support for the current policy of not allowing women on the front lines, saying it could impair the mission.

"It's nature you know, upper body strength and physical movements and speed and endurance and so forth. So while women are serving on the front lines in many critical capacities where they make great contributions, to have them in the infantry in either the Marine Corp or the Army could impair the missions of central tasks of those forces," said Cotton.

Several critics fired back on national and local forums Op-Ed's and calls for an apology, including Arkansas Democrats.

"I think he owes those women an apology, and I just think the way in which he said it as well is offensive to women that are currently serving and women who have served on the front lines and the war in the Middle East," said Candace Martin, spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Arkansas.