Tony Chachere's Slammin' Ham Sliders

Tony Chachere's Slammin' Ham Sliders

Don't let the size of these appetizers fool you!{} They are bursting with flavor!

12 Mini-rolls or cut bread to size

{}Mini-rolls or French Bread cut to size

4 tablespoons pepper jelly

4 tablespoons prepared yellow mustard

12 ounces Tony Chachere's Praline Pecan Crusted Ham cut into 1 ounce slices

{}6 ounces cheddar or Swiss, shredded

Curly Lettuce Leaf


Split rolls in half.{} On top of each half, spread 1 tsp. of pepper jelly and 1 tsp mustard.{} On bottom half, place 1 oz. ham and 1/2 oz. cheddar cheese.{} Place ham & cheese halves under the broiler until cheese is melted.{} Add lettuce leaf and top half of roll.{}