Too old for Facebook?


They may steer clear of Twitter and Instagram, but many older adults use Facebook as a way to see and keep up with out-of-state children and grandchildren.

Looking is one thing. Posting is another.

Facebook is all about sharing. But if you are sharing about the following may have reached an age where your posting privileges need to be revoked.

Here are some tips, tongue-in-cheek but possibly helpful, that will let you know if status updates may be a risky proposition for you.

The writers at have come up with the top ten signs you are too old for Facebook. Here they are:

#1. BRAGGING ABOUT HOW YOU BEAT A CROSSWORD PUZZLE. No matter how pumped you are about beating the morning crossword, keep it on the down low...and off Facebook.

#2. HATING ON LOUD PLACES. If it's too loud, you're too old. That's the saying. And complaining about loud noise on Facebook proves it.

#3. CONSTANTLY LOSING STUFF. Too many posts about lost keys, glasses or remote controls on Facebook won't help you find them and may cause concern among your loved ones.

#4. BRAGGING ABOUT MEDICATION. Trying to post about trendy phenomenon's like twerking, planking and Harlem shaking isn't worth the risk of looking foolish. So steer clear.

#5. CONFUSION ABOUT TRENDS. Nothing screams "I'm getting older" like a Facebook post about how a new medication is working or how it is interacting with your other medications.


You may consider your latest antiquing find incredible, but antique is literally Latin for "old" don't post about it.

#7. BACK IN MY DAY. If you begin a post with the phrase "Back in my day..." it is a full-blown confession you are from a different era.

#8. COMPLAINING ABOUT OTHER DRIVERS. Not everyone will agree that all the other drivers are going to fast.

#9. CONFUSION ABOUT BAND NAMES. Post about music you know about and enjoy. But if you venture into the latest artists and bands, be prepared.

#10. LOST ACCOUNT INFO. Everything seems to require a password nowadays. There is no shame in forgetting a password. But posting on Facebook about the problem or soliciting advice can at best be humorous and at worst, dangerous.

The writers at aren't saying seniors can't or shouldn't use Facebook. It is an awesome social site. These are merely suggestions on what topics THEY think should be avoided.

Air date: October 15th, 2013

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