Top coffee consuming jobs

If you can't get by without your morning cup of joe, youaren't alone.

A new survey finds many professionals feel more productive atwork when they drink coffee. Those whosay they need it the most to get through the workday are:

  1. Food Preparation/Service Workers
  2. Scientists
  3. Sales Representatives
  4. Marketing/Public Relations Professionals
  5. Nurses (Nurse, Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant)
  6. Editors/Writers/Media Workers
  7. Business Executives
  8. Teachers/Instructors (K-12)
  9. Engineering Technicians/Support
  10. IT Managers/Network Administrators

"There's a reason why coffee is a staple in theworkplace," according to Cynthia McIntyre, VicePresident of Marketing & Communications at CareerBuilder. "Workersreport that coffee fuels higher energy and productivity, and serves as a meansto socialize with colleagues."

The survey reflects that thought as 43 percent claim theyare less productive without their cup of joe. Workers who drink coffeetypically have more than one cup. 63percent actually drink two or more cups each day and 28 percent drink three ormore.

Dunkin Donuts and CareerBuilder commissioned the survey to tiein with National Coffee Day which is Saturday.

The survey was conducted from August 13to September 6, 2012 and included more than 4,100 workersnationwide.