Tornado confirmed in Grant County

Picture by Larry Potter, KATV

(KATV) A tornado tears through Grant County and destroys one man's home right before the holidays. An EF-1 tornado touched down in Sheridan early this morning, we're happy to tell you that no one was seriously injured.

The tornado essentially turned the mobile home inside out. Gerald Winston has lived on the property in Sheridan for nearly his entire life and he's not going to move. So he has quite a rebuilding project ahead of him.

Winston's family and friends have been clearing debris all day after the tornado hit with its full fury here in the early hours of Thursday morning. He says looking around at the home now he feels lucky to be alive.

The damage around Winston's home is also bad especially along Highway 43 but no other homes were destroyed. Gerald was actually up when the storm tore through. He tells Channel Seven everything was quiet until a gigantic explosion rocked his home. "I came through the house to look and as far as I got was the kitchen and the house just exploded it was just like a loud boom just like a dynamite went off."

Obviously the wreckage looks like a monstrous mess but Gerald says he created a lot of memories in this house. He lived here with his wife, and raised three daughters and he is glad that no one is seriously injured.

The Winston's look forward to creating a lot of new memories in a new house on this property in the years to come.

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(KATV) According the National Weather Service (NWS) in North Little Rock, the tornado that hit Grant County is rated an EF1. It hit in the Sheridan area and knocked over trees and damaged homes.

The most severe damage has been reported on Shoemaker Drive and County Road 43. A Channel Seven crew took pictures of a flattened mobile home and crews working to clear tress off roads.

Multiple injuries have been reported, none have been confirmed to be serious. NWS surveyors are in Grant and Monroe County assessing the areas.

Across the state, crews are clearing downed trees and power lines. Thursday, Entergy Arkansas reported more than 43,000 customers without power. At noon this was the list:

11,569 in Pulaski County

4,900 in Garland County

3,800 in Union County

2,800 in Columbia County

2,700 in Hot Spring County

An Entergy spokesperson says the wind is keeping crews on the ground because they can't lift their buckets on the trucks. To view the current Entergy outages, click here.

UPDATE: By 5 p.m. Thursday, Entergy had 28,000 customers without power.

First Electric is reporting about 1,000members without power.