Tornado leaves families to find temporary homes

MAYFLOWER (KATV) --{}Day four of tornado recovery in central Arkansas, and while many homeowners are busy cleaning up, they're also adapting to a new home away from home. Damage has turned Mayflower upside down this week. There's a lot of cleanup, construction and restoration to be done. As part of that, residents are laying down in temporary homes this week. Since their home of six years was lost during Sunday's tornado, Seth and Susan Mulhearn have relocated to Seth's parent's home in Conway. While it may be a move that comes with open arms, it's a transition for them both and their three young kids: Setler, Daily and Hays. "Daily asked me that the other night, 'Let's go get another house.' I said 'It's probably not going to happen tonight, but we will,'" said Susan Mulhearn. The Mulhearns noticed a clear view of the sky after emerging from the closet of their home. The closet was one of the few spots still intact. Since then, their family has spread about as well. "For awhile we were all kind of scattered. Our kids were in one place, and we were here. Our cat's somewhere else and you know the dog is somewhere," Susan Mulhearn added. "Last night was the first night we were all under the same roof." Seth Mulhearn has been on the grounds all week continuing to work, and talking with neighbors about moving forward. "(I) talked to quite a few neighbors. A lot of them are using the local hotels, some of them also have friends and family that are helping put them up," Mulhearn said about finding temporary housing. "There's quite a few of them that haven't made their mind up if they're going to rebuild back there or not." The Mulhearns continue to try and salvage any belongings and memories they can find. Susan Mulhearn located picture that belonged to the family on a lost and found Facebook page. It was found 110 miles away in Cave City.