Tornado ravaged communities still picking up the pieces one month later

VILONIA (KATV)--One month ago today, a tornado ripped through several communities killing 16 people, including several children. Dozens were left without homes between Vilonia and Mayflower, and you probably know that West Pulaski County was not spared either. Around this time last month, people were preparing for the worst, and the worst came just hours later. However, while cleanup efforts have been going on for weeks, there is still a lot left to do. "Trucks have been coming through picking up a lot of that rumble, trucks can pick it up as long as it's separated into the 6 piles correctly, at this point we've had averaged I think close to 250 dump trucks per day," said Faulkner County Public Information Officer, David Hogue. Thousands came pouring in to help with clean up, but as the days have passed many have gone back to work and the volunteer pool has thinned out. "They're still hurting, they're still uncomfortable, and there is still a lot of work to do and Faulkner County is still asking the rest of Arkansas to keep helping us," added Hogue. Meanwhile, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has been set up for two weeks in permanent locations helping victims sign up for assistance. "$2,440,000 up to now, approved on the streets and we have 1,340 registrations," said FEMA Public Information Officer, Peter Lembessis. Channel 7 has had some reports from people saying they've been denied assistance; however, people denied can appeal those. FEMA also adds, that many times it's because they've filled out paperwork incorrectly. For victims who haven't signed up yet, the deadline is June 30th. Click here to sign up. To help volunteer, you can contact Team Rubicon at (469) 301-1865.