Tornado victims hope for help from President Obama's visit Wednesday

MAYFLOWER (KATV) - President Obama is set to touch down in Arkansas on Wednesday and tour the tornado ravaged towns of Mayflower and Vilonia.{} Many are excited for the President's arrival, but many wonder what he'll actually do when he gets here. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney addressed media questions about his visit to the Natural State on Monday. "The president is focused and will be focused when he visits on Wednesday on the families of victims, on the first responders and on the efforts underway to help Arkansas rebuild," said Carney. What Carney mentioned is exactly what many of those victims say they want the President to do while visiting their towns. "Everybody here needs help," said Robert Lusty, whose house borders rows of leveled homes in Vilonia.{} "He can help us, you know, just by being here." Tyler and Noah Berrier are now living in a camper on the site of their former Vilonia home.{} They say they're looking forward to the president coming to their town. "I hope he shakes my hand, I really want to meet him," said Tyler Berrier. "I mean it's the President of the United States," remarked eighth grader Noah Berrier.{} "I'd love to meet him but I hope he takes care of our town because we don't want to lose everything." But some say he'd be better off just seeing the damage on video in Washington.{} "The people that have nothing below us here need the money instead of his flight here," said Brenda Uekman, whose mother's home in Mayflower was totaled. There's no skirting Obama's approval rating in the Natural State; protests are expected and there are small petitions circulating on the internet requesting the President not come to Arkansas. But Lusty says he hopes politics will be put aside for the Commander in Chief's visit on Wednesday. "Maybe if he talks to some of these people down here they'll have a different point of view about him," commented Lusty. The President is set to land at Little Rock Air Force Base in Jacksonville, but the White House has been pretty tight lipped about what his actual schedule will be like while he's touring Vilonia and Mayflower. KATV will have live coverage of President Obama's visit to Arkansas, starting on Daybreak and continuing throughout the day.