Track Jolly Ol St. Nick this Christmas Eve

It's the season of giving and holiday cheer, because the night before Christmas is almost here.{}

As the day goes by and the sun sets, your kids are sure to ask "Is Santa here yet?"{}

Even though you don't know the hour or the time, don't worry your head get NORAD on the line!

The tradition of NORAD started 57 years ago, when a girl name Virginia tracked Santa around the globe.{}

She dialed a "Santa hotline" in a local catalog, but the voice on the other end wasn't close to Santa Claus!{}

It was the North American Aerospace Defense and Command, but Virginia wanted to know about the gifts spread around the land. {}

The Colonel who answered only knew about defense and red alerts, but he knew her call to service and commanded a Santa search!{}

So that's how this started and how it all began, so as the day goes by keep your cell in hand.

Use the Santa Tracker App created with military precision, your kids will track gifts with our special Santa vision.{}

You can use the app, or call, or even email, this useful tool is one you should run and tell.{}

No one knows how Santa delivers ALL those gifts, not even the Deputy Chief of NORAD who was asked the question on her shift.{}

Stacey Knott thought and thought but got an answer lick-a-dee split, she said "We're not completely sure how he does it... It's a little bit of magic."