Tracking Stolen Mobile Homes

ENGLAND (KATV) - For most of us, stealing a mobile home would be an impossible task. For police, it appears identifying a suspected mobile home thief was unexpectedly easy. Sometimes those who commit crimes make it very difficult for police to catch them. And...sometimes they don't. When Peggie Ann Spires told us on Tuesday she purchased and was living in a stolen mobile home, she wondered if there might be other victims. "All I can say is if you are out there and bought a mobile home from Jason, please go to your local police officer and make sure it's not a stolen mobile home so they won't be in the same boat that I'm in," Spires told us on Tuesday. It turns out that the Arkansas State Police is investigating five mobile home thefts in three different Arkansas counties: Cleburne, Faulker and Grant. In each case, investigators say Jason Curtsinger is the main suspect. How he was developed as a suspect is rather remarkable. Investigators say Curtsinger was finding refurbished mobile homes being sold in land package deals on the web site for Vanderbilt Homes ( These homes are checked on periodically but are for the most part left unguarded and unmonitored. Police say Spires' mobile home was stolen from the Conway area in mid-February and transported to England (Lonoke County). That is the same time Jason Curtsinger applied for a permit to move a mobile home from Conway to England. In other words, investigators say it appears Curtsinger made sure to legally transport the trailer he illegally obtained. Ms. Spires says that after our report aired she was contacted by Vanderbilt Homes. She says the company is working out a finance plan she can afford that will allow her to remain in her home. Jason Curtsinger's future is less hopeful at this hour. Air date: April 23rd, 2014