Traffic stop leads to big meth bust in Pulaski County

PULASKI COUNTY (KATV)--One of the biggest meth busts in Pulaski County takes eight pounds off the streets.

The investigation started during a simple traffic stop, which led to the arrest of seven people.

A bust this big usually takes months if not years for investigators to find the main drug distribution point, but the sheriff's office credits good police work for tracking down this many pounds all in a day's work.

It began as a routine traffic stop, but this soon became far from routine, when police found one ounce of marijuana, two ounces of meth and a handgun.

Steve Neugent and Brittany Gay were arrested shortly after, but it was this stop that led the Pulaski County Sheriff's Investigators to an even bigger bust, said Lieutenant Carl Minden.

"The traffic stop led to a dealer, the dealer led to executing a search warrant at a house, and that's where most of the product was," added Minden.

Down the street from a playground and around the corner from a school bus stop it's in this home at 7012 Dahlia Drive, where police found eight pounds of meth street valued at $363,000, they also found $61,448 in cash. Two children were also living in the laundry room of this home with their parents according to police.

"That type of product, environment that comes and goes, that's not where you want two small children to be," said Minden.

{}The following five were arrested: Ruben Aguilar, Jessica Suarez, Marcos Aguirre, Pablo Chavez and Maria Garcia.

They're all facing similar charges including possession, trafficking, and two counts of endangering the welfare of a minor.

"Gives me a sense of worry because now days, you don't know who your neighbors are, you don't know their name," said one neighbor who did not want to be identified. {} {}

This neighbor was one of several in the area that declined to go on camera, some didn't even want to speak with Channel 7 for fear of retaliation, but this neighbor who agreed to talk was worried that this kind of activity is happening in his neighborhood.

"It surprises me because this here really was a nice neighborhood, in the last 5-10 years it's been going downhill," said the unidentified.

Both children were taken away by DHS, while the seven arrested have court dates set for February.