Traffic stop leads to sex offender arrest

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - During a traffic violation stop, Jonesboro policearrests a sex offender out of Georgia.

Tuesday, police pulled over a vehicle after it failed to stop at a stop signat Haven and Gee St. The officer took information from both the driver and thepassenger.

Dispatch advised that the passenger, Brain Boose, was a sex offender out ofGeorgia. The driver was given a warning for the traffic violation and theofficer had Boose step out of the vehicle to talk with him.

According to police, Boose did confirm he was a sex offender. When asked ifhe had contacted the department, he replied no and said he had 72 hours to doso and that he had been in Arkansas for one day.

The officer asked the driver how long she and Boose had been in Arkansas.She informed him that they had been in the state since Nov. 10 and Boose wasarrested by JPD two weeks ago. Dispatched confirmed Boose was arrested onNov.13.

Boose was arrested for failure to register and incorrect address onidentification and taken to the Craighead County Detention Center where hewaits for a bond hearing.

He was convicted in Georgia of sexual battery of a child under 16 years ofage in Sept.