Tree Services in High Demand

When the electricity went out many Arkansans focused their attention on primary needs such as a warmth and shelter.

Now that the power is back on their attention is turning to cleaning up and taking care of fallen trees.

We tagged along with a tree-service company today that won't be taking any breaks for the foreseeable future.

While many of us will be watching football games on New Year's Day, tree service employees will be working to catch up and keep up with a demand that didn't exist this time last week.

The men and women who work for Wise Tree Service have been working sun up to sun down since Christmas night.

"It's kind of hectic right now," says an understated William Wise.

We found one of the Wise trucks parked in front of a home in Jacksonville.

The tree on this home is one of 40 that the company has been called to cut down.

Every job presents different challengesbut safety precautions are generally the same.

"We have to anchor everything," says Wise. "We'll have to take all the weight off the tree and then get it down to just a skeleton. And then we'll have to, you know, take the tension off the house and start to cut it back."

Cost is determined by how long the job will take.

How long the job will take is determined by the size of the tree, the risk involved to employees and the potential to damage property.

Wise says being as patient as possible will pay off for homeowners.

"People really need to watch for people that are tying to scam them," warns Wise. "You knowmake sure that they don't pay them before they finish the job. You know a lot of people are so anxious to get this stuff off their houses. Just take a little time and wait because if you rush into somethingyou could get scammed."

Insurance claims don't get rolling until the tree is off the house, so Wise and his crews are working to take care of those situations first.

Air date: December 31st, 2012