Semi truck accident on same Clinton bridge as fatal log truck accident

Authorities are investigating an accident at the same intersection that claimed the lives of two construction workers three days earlier.A vehicle stopped in front of a semi truck Thursday morning, causing the truck driver to swerve to avoid hitting the vehicle. The semi went off the road and crashed into the Little Red River, according to Clinton police.The mayor of Clinton is asking the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department to fix what he calls a dangerous road."The out-of-state, out-of-area truckers, they don't have a clue what they're getting into until it's too late," Mayor Roger Rorie explained.Rorie said after going downhill for nearly three miles, the truck driver's brakes were too hot to stop."He couldn't stop. The car stopped or slowed real slow in front of him and so he chose to go into the creek instead of hitting the car," Mayor Rorie said.Though his truck ended up in the water, the driver survived.Monday, two people were killed and 19 others injured at the same intersection when a log truck lost its cargo on top of the construction crew working on the bridge.The truck driver, Jerry Hickman, 39, lost control when a tire on the log truck blew out and caused the load to shift, according to the police report.AHTD installed a light which the mayor said has helped somewhat, but he added it is not the best solution for the intersection. Rorie wants the agency to take another look."The thing that would solve the problem, but it would be very expensive, is to raise the bridge up and fix it like a cloverleaf, bring the traffic coming off Highway 16 onto Highway 65," Rorie said. "That's a very expensive fix, but then how much are lives worth."Rorie added he believes the truck driver who ran into the river Thursday may have saved the life of the other vehicle's driver.