TSA: You can't bring THAT

You'd think it would be obvious that you can't carry a sword through airline security - but that's not always the case.

On Monday, Transportation Security Administration officials at Little Rock National Airport displayed a table full of items that passengers tried to get through security. It's not that people are trying to break the law, or high jack an airplane - they just don't know what items are banned on U.S. flights.

TSA says as a good rule of thumb, don't carry on: sharp objects, sporting goods such as baseball bats, guns and firearms (most people have gotten that message), tools like axes, martial arts and self defense items, and explosives and flammable materials.

Some personal safety items, such as certain types of pepper spray, are allowed in small canister sizes, but only in checked bags and only if they have some form of tamper-proof security cap to ensure they don't activate mid-flight.

For a complete list of banned and approved items, click here to access TSA's "Can I bring?" list.