Twinkies maker Hostess closing its doors

Hostess says it's going out of business. The maker of twinkies, ding dongs and wonder bread, had warned employees it would move to shut down its operations and sell its brands if striking workers didn't allow plants to resume normal operations.

The iconic brand announced it would closed its doors recently and now local shops will have to do the same. A hostess outlet store in North Little Rock is set to go out of business as soon as Sunday. The employees that will lose their jobs at this location are only some of the over 18,500 that will be unemployed soon. Because they are closing in just a couple of days they were low on almost everything but they tell me what was almost immediately gone were the twinkies. Some of the customers' biggest concern was where they could go now to get them.

Hostess, which was founded in 1930, has other concerns that go beyond its workers striking. Increasingly health conscious Americans have also contributed to low sales for the company.