Two children dead after overnight house fire in Dallas County

SPARKMAN (KATV) -- A Dallas County familywoke up to flames Friday morning, losing not only their home but two youngchildren.

Law enforcement toldChannel 7 preliminary reports show that after the electricity went out aroundmidnight in the area that the family decided to light some candles.

Investigators believe itwas those candles that ignited the fire that eventually burned the home down,and killed three-year-old Jayshawn King, and two-year-old Trayshawn King.

A small flame stillburned at the home late Friday morning at the place the King family calledhome. Authorities tell us parents Bobby and Till King managed to escape theflames with their teenage daughter, but the fire trapped the two youngerchildren inside the home.

"She had entered thekitchen in an attempt to put the flames out, but was unable to retard orextinguish the flames," said Stan McGahee, chief deputy for the Dallas County Sheriff'sDepartment.

"She hollered out to herother family members, the husband and their daughter was able to get up and getout of the house, but they were unable to get the two children," McGahee addedabout the mother's statements.

The father, Bobby King,told investigators he tried to break the windows and get the two boys out oftheir rooms, an attempt that went unsuccessful before the home was fullyengulfed.

Friday we caught up witha close friend and neighbor to the family, who had been in contact with the King'sfor much of the day.

"Bobby doneeverything he could to try and save those kids, and he couldn't do it,"said Oleater Quarles of Sparkman. "That's why he has all this hand injury thathe has, trying to save his kids. I just feel for him, I feel for the whole family,the whole neighborhood does," said Oleater Quarter.

Two of the family membersescaped uninjured, but Bobby King suffered major injuries to his hand, and wewere told Friday he could be in jeopardy of losing his hand. King apparentlysuffered the injury while trying to break the glass of the home and get hischildren out.