Two-headed turtle discovered in Arkansas is on the market for a new home

AMAGON (KATV) - Finding a turtle in Arkansas isn't abnormal, but finding a two-headed turtle is a different story.

A two-headed snapping turtle was discovered by an employee at Northeast Arkansas Turtle Farm while they were preparing 30,000 turtles to be shipped to China.NEA Turtle Farm owner Marcus Balch said he is ready to sell the turtle."I do not plan on keeping it. It will have to have a lot of extensive care and it needs to be with someone who can devote and where it can be shared with the public."Balch said he had offers from China, Great Britain, California, Florida, a several different states. Balch has not fed the turtle because he said that is an important task for the new owner."The turtle wouldn't have to eat for two months. When a turtle is born in the wildthey don't eat for two to three months. It won't hurt the turtle," said Balch.According to Balch a regular turtle would cost about $2.50. Balch has been offered $5000 for the two-headed baby turtle.Whilel the sale is pending, Balch does not plan to name the turtle.

"Well we really can't name it because we don't know whether to call it Sam or Samantha," Balch said. "It can be determined by X-ray's. But if there is any possibility it can do damage to the turtle I don't want to subject it to X-rays."Balch said he would like to keep track of the turtle to see how it grows throughout the year. The highest bidder at the moment is in the United States.