Two headed turtle - good chance of survival

AMAGON - You might not think a two headed turtle's chance of survival very high. OK, maybe you didn't think about it at all, but we did.

This particular two headed turtle was born at the Northeast Arkansas Turtle Farm south of Jonesboro, and we asked owner Marcus Balch how long he'd last. Balch seems to think the little guy(s) might have a normal life (as normal as can be expected with two heads). Plus, the second head may actually extend his life.

That's because he could have been sold as a food source, but now will likely be bought and prized by a collector.

Balch is in talks with bidders looking to buy the rare turtle.

Balch says because the turtle has two separate necks and a normal body, he sees no reason why it should not survive.

Balch says this type of common snapping turtle can reach a weight of 40 -50 lbs.