Two Mops Too Many


It seems a new way to clean your floor has given dishonest marketers a new way to rip you off.

Seven-On-Your-Side has a word of warning for all of you who like to buy infomercial products.

One of the biggest complaints about "As Seen on TV" products is not that they don't work.

It's how much they end up costing.

The following is how the infomercial for the Hurricane 360 spin mop starts:

"It's time to get off your hands and knees and say hello to the Hurricane 360 spin mop. Finally a floor cleaning system that really does leave everything else in the dust."

When Ellen Moses of Sherwood saw this infomercial, the Hurricane mop looked pretty good to her.

"It just looked like you didn't have to put your hands in water," says Moses.

Ellen says it works O.K.

Her issue is not with performance, but rather with delivery.

"I ordered one and I got three and when I called to return them they would not take them back," says Moses.

Ellen was charged $112.00 instead of the expected $39.00.

This is one of the biggest consumer complaints about ordering products that are advertised on television. Once you provide your credit card information some companies over bill for the product, over bill for shipping or send more than you wanted...and there is very little recourse once that happens.

"You would never want three mops," says Moses. "Unless you wanted to give them to somebody. And she said that. She said 'Oh you can give them away.' I said 'I want my money.' I do not want to give mops away."

Ellen says no matter how enticing it is, she will never order off a television ad again.

She says she'll wait until she sees the product at the store.

Air date: April 4th, 2014