Two North Little Rock families desperate to find missing family members

NORTH LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Two families are desperate for answers about where their loved ones are.{} Both Shequenia Burnett, 36, and Tarkessa Wallace, 34, disappeared on January 10th and their families say they haven't heard from the since.

Both families are in disbelief that the two women have been missing for 12 days.{} Both families mention they grew up together and have been friends since they can remember.

"I know they do be together and for them to come up missing at the same time, maybe they are together," said Nenna Bell, Wallace's best friend.

But North Little Rock Police haven't made the connection that they are together and both families are upset with the job NLRPD has been doing on the case.{} They believe it took too long for police to file missing persons reports on Burnett & Wallace.

"After 12 days," questioned Shanisa Thomas, Burnett's sister, "Would you have hope and faith?"

Thomas said her sister always stays in contact, even when you don't want her to call.{} Not having heard from her in nearly two weeks Thomas is desperately concerned something has happened to her sister.

The communication is also constant from Wallace.

"Especially about her kids," said Bell.{} "If she didn't call anybody else, she called and checked on them kids."

But neither family has heard anything by phone or by text.{}

Flyers have been plastered all around North Little Rock in an effort to locate them.{} They've fielded dozens of phone calls, heard from other friends and family saying they're in different states, different places but nothing has panned out.

"At the end of the day, somebody knows something and we're going to find out," said Thomas.

But according to the missing persons reports filed with NLRPD, there was no evidence of foul play or anything to suggest Burnett was taken against her will.{} It's the same situation for Wallace and both reports acknowledge a history of drug use.

Even if they did run away, the families just want to know that their loved ones are okay.

"Just call, text, just send a letter with no return address," said Bell.{} "Just do something just to let us know."

If you've seen either Burnett or Wallace or know of their whereabouts you're urged to call North Little Rock Police at (501) 758-1234