Two officers fired after inmates escape Faulkner County jail

FAULKNER COUNTY (KATV) - Two Faulkner County jail officers have been fired following the investigation of how three inmates managed to escape the jail back in August.

Four jail officers were on duty the day Jonathan Jackson, Joel Vermillion and Stacy Wilson escaped on August 17. Sheriff Andy Shock told our news partners at the Log Cabin Democrat, that only two jailers Seth Ferguson and Christina Jordan were responsible for the escape. The two were terminated as of 1:00 p.m. Friday.

An internal memo from Captain Lloyd Vincent claimed the August escape could have been prevented, "if the officers performed the duties stated in policy." The three escapees have all been recovered and are back in jail.

Jackson, Vermillion and Wilson had escaped through a locked gate and two sets of fences the day of their escape, after being let outside into the recreation area. The investigation into the employees on duty that day found that the three escapees were listed to have returned from the recreation area, even though they had not, according to the Log Cabin Democrat.

The investigation also uncovered through staff interviews, that only two jail walkthroughs had been completed the day of the escape. The Faulkner County Jail requires walkthroughs every thirty minutes, and they're required by state law every hour.

Shock said there are more details to come in the investigation. Jordan and Ferguson were hired by the county back in 2011.

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