Two Points, Many Opinions


Our Seven-On-Your-Side office gets complaints of all kinds from all places. But complaints over a football call?

That is new territory.

But rather than disregard them....we decided to take a look.

First we checked allegations that one of the referees may have been from Cabot, where the game was played.

All the officials were from northwest Arkansas.

Then we looked at the play in question.

When North Little Rock scored a touchdown in the second overtime, Bart Land, the quarterback's father, had high hopes.

"We felt like finally we're going to break through since, for the first time you know since 1971," says Land.

But minutes later Cabot would also score a touchdown and go for two...and the win.

There was a collision at the goal was ruled the ball crossed the over...Cabot wins.

Cabot Coach Mike Malham told the local paper that his running back " in by the skin of his teeth."

Malham believes a photograph that accompanied the article shows the same thing.

North Little Rock coach Brad Bolding saw things differently.

The officials rating form he submitted to the AAA after the game states that "...clearly he didn't score the two point conversion" and adds that "Four Cabot police officers on the sideline told us he didn't get in."

Bolding rated the officiating crew "below average."

There has yet to be an angle or an image produced that positively proves one way or another if the ball crossed the plane.

It was a judgement call.

"Actually what happened was the one guy on the Cabot side called touchdown and the one guy on our side saying no," says Land.

Land hopes the AAA will consider a rule that would require all five officials to discuss a call of such magnitude and come together and come to a consensus before ruling.

There are a few things everyone involved agree on: it was a great game, North Little Rock had its chances, and it would be nice to see the 7A title back in central Arkansas.

Air date: December 5th, 2013