Two separate gunpoint car robberies connected by mobile devices

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - In a matter of an hour, two cars were stolen from the River Market but a useful piece of technology led to the recovery of both.

According to police reports, each of the armed robberies happened between 7:30 and 8:30 Friday evening mere blocks away from each other. Cell phones were also stolen in each case, which helped police find the stolen cars.

"[He] pulled out a gun and he cocked it back like this, and pointed it like this and said 'Get out of the car,'" said the second victim, who wanted to remain anonymous.

Her car was stolen outside of Juanita's Restaurant.

Before that, a Monroe, Louisiana man's car was stolen from a parking lot at the corner of Scott and President Clinton Avenue.

Police were able to track his car through a cell phone app and located it at an apartment complex on west 51st Street in Little Rock. Authorities later found the second victim's car at the corner of Atkins and Protho Roads in North Little Rock.

"[We] turned on our tracking system and he was like 'Oh I see him, he's on Broadway Street for example," the anonymous woman added.

She said her family has had other cell phones stolen in the past and that's what led them to use the tracking device.

One car was found abandoned but four men were seen running away from the other. No arrests have been made in either case.

Little Rock Police weren't able to say if robberies are on the rise in the area, but two women were mugged in the River Market area earlier that week.