UALR Student Hopes Script Gets Picked for "Castle"

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - A UALR student is in the running for an Emmy foundation internship.

Nikki Ackerman wrote a script for "Castle" in hopes of being selected for the program for TV scriptwriting in a drama.

The Iraqi War veteran's storyline is quite interesting. Two English professors are murdered, killed by a matching pair of blue satin stilettos through the eye.

Ackerman explains how she got the idea, saying, "We were in DSW. My mom, my daughter, and I. My mom goes 'Hey! There's a pair of shoes for you!' We both think these shoes are just kind of a little crazy. How can women walk in them? I don't know. She goes, 'Those are your shoes.' I said 'Ehm, I can write a story about somebody being murdered with those' and she goes 'Well do it!'"

The next step for Nikki is sending off her script and interview, and then waiting at least a few more weeks.

She and her mom are big fans of the show which airs on KATV on Monday nights at 9 p.m.