UALR Student Robbed, Suspects get away

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - A UALR student says he was assaulted and robbed on campus. He told campus security it happened just outside the Trojan Grill next to the dorms Monday, November 26 at about 11 p.m.

The suspects only got away with his cell phone, but campus leaders are still on edge.

They say they university has a lot of security measures in place like campus officers on constant patrol, they've added more cameras, officers patrol on segways and a shuttle service is available to bus students to and from parking lots.

Monday night at about 11 pm, a student walking up the stairs outside the Trojan Grill was approached by two men wearing hoodies. They assaulted him and managed to get his cell phone. Vice Chancellor Bob Adams says, "He was scratched up but medics checked him out, he refused to go to the Hospital, he is doing fine."

The men got away on foot. The area is well lit and monitored by surveillance cameras. Police are also talking to students who witnessed the incident. As news spread on campus, most students Channel Seven spoke with said there is little that can be done when a criminal intends to rob someone. Terrence Johnson says, "UALR is a great school but at the same time you can't control who comes on and off campus."

A city bus drives through campus, cars without a pass can't make it too far but anyone can walk on campus. In September an 18-year man robbed a student a gun point, it also happened outside the Trojan Grill, the suspect was not a student. For that story, click here.

Bob Adams says students are known to carry phones and laptops and there are steps they need to take to be safe. "Don't walk alone, particularly at night. We have an escort service if a student wants to call our public safety office. They'll come and pick them up and take them to their car, take them to their dorm 24/7."

All students and staff received an email alert after this latest incident, if it was an imminent threat and a weapon was involved, they would have sent out a text as well.

Chancellor Joel Anderson has plans for a campus safety committee. It will include students, faculty, staff, parents and community members. Basically it's a way for campus leaders to get feedback on what that can do to make improvements.