UALR Students Collect Shoes for Charity

(KATV, Source:UALR) Little Rock - Membersof Phi Alpha Theta and the UALR Department of History will be collecting shoesfor Soles4Souls, the international shoe charity.

"People who wish to donate shoesshould look for the Soles4Souls RV on the UALR campus Tuesday and Wednesday,Oct. 9 and 10," said Dr. Barclay Key of the History Department who is helpingcoordinate the drive. "The RV will be located in Lot 13 at the Jack StephensCenter."

He also is organizing a chapter ofSoles4Souls. Anyone interested in participating can attend an organizationalmeeting at 3 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 9, in Room 407 of Stabler Hall.

Americans throw out 700 millionpairs of shoes each year. By recycling gently worn shoes, the discardedfootwear can be redistributed through the charity's international and domesticpartners to millions of children and adults who need them.

Soles4Souls has distributed morethan 19 million pairs of shoes around the world with the help of partners likePhi Alpha Theta and the UALR History Department.

"With one in four adults in theworld living in extreme poverty, basic necessities like shoes are simplyunavailable," said Elizabeth Kirk, director of communications for Soles4SoulsInc. "In developing nations like Haiti, Honduras, and Tanzania, walking is themain form of transportation, and shoes can protect a person's feet from cutsand infections. Also, children in other parts of the world cannot attend schoolwithout a
pair of shoes."

The collection efforts also keepfootwear out of landfills

For more information on how to getinvolved and donate, click here.