UPDATE: UAMS says man arrested for rape is graduate student

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) --{}Authorities at UAMS{}say a man arrested on charges of rape and second degree sexual assault is a graduate student in the biochemistry department.

Perkins was arrested on the UAMS campus while doing research. {}

According to{}an arrest{}report{}a 16-year-old victim stated{}Perkins had raped her since the age of eight.

The original report was filed in April of 2013, but charges were not officially filed until Thursday.

The mother of the teenager alleging the sexual abuse told investigators that she and her daughter have lived with Perkins and his parents for the past few years.

The girl's mother added that she noticed Perkins "was going above and beyond doing things," for the victim. He was giving her "money, paying for her to go places and providing her rides to various places."

When the mother asked her daughter why he was doing this, she claims her daughter said "she would perform sexual acts with Paul in exchange for money and other favors," after initially denying anything was going on.

Perkins, who already has a PhD of medicine from UAMS, is now seeking his PhD. in biochemistry.

Perkins' bond is set at $100,000.

More to come on this arrest and the accusation from Channel Seven's Justin Lewis{}on KATV News at 5 & 6.