UCA among first universities to opt out of concealed carry on campus

CONWAY (KATV) - When this law was passed a couple of months ago, lawmakers added a last minute clause that would allow institutions to opt out of concealed carry on campus. Well Friday's vote makes the University of Central Arkansas among the first universities in the state to keep faculty and staff from doing just that.

"It's really a continuation for what our policies have been," said UCA President, Tom Courtway.

The Courtway, says UCA has always been gun-free and will remain that way regardless of what new law there is. But like in many hot button issues there are people who strongly disagree. One trustee, Kay Hinkle, voted against opting out.

"We had a good discussion obviously there are differing opinions," said Courtway. "Because of solid convictions that she had and expressed in the board did not vote in favor of it."

But Courtway says both faculty and staff as well as university police say it's better for guns to be completely banned from a university campus law or no law.

"We would all rather come to work knowing that weapons are prohibited so that they can work on that side of it rather than wonder if there are other weapons out here," said Courtway.

The University of Arkansas board of trustees is expected to take up the issue on May 23rd. The law becomes effective in July.