UCA and other colleges increase tuition

(KATV)-University of Central Arkansas passed a tuition increase 3.8% for undergraduate and 3.7 percent for graduate students on Friday. UCA is just one of many colleges increasing tuition this year. Southern Arkansas University increased tuition 3.65 percent. Arkansas State University increased by 2.8 percent. The University of Arkansas system increased anywhere from 5 percent to 6 percent depending on the institution. Henderson State University increased by 3.82 percent. One UCA student said even though her tuition increased, she understands that college costs will always rise. "I pay for college half way through scholarships, but this next semester I will be paying about half out of pocket. And I have a job and that's going to be financing my education," said Christie Birdsong, a sophomore pre-med major.She says she doesn't mind the extra increase to pay for professor salaries to compensate cost of living. "It's probably an extra paycheck, and extra two weeks of my summer i'm working. Again, it is valid, but paying an extra paycheck is probably no one's cup of tea," Birdsong said.Arkansas Higher Education Director Shane Broadway said the reason colleges have increase tuition is because the funding they receive from the state has remained the same, even though the amount of students have increased."When you have all of those factors come together, in order to provide faculty salaries and bring in a recruit faculty, you have to increase the burden that's on parents and students, none of them like to do that," Broadway said.