UCA Board Votes Unanimously to Increase Tuition

(KATV) The UCA Board voted unanimously to increase tuition. Friday, the Student Government Association endorsed the move. Starting next year UCA students will pay 3.9% more in tuition and fees.

There has also been a drop in enrollment. A student taking 15 credit hours will pay about $3,591 a semester, a $76 increase.

With the tuition and fees increase, it represents about 42.28% of the university's budget, that's a change of $137.25 more in charges per semester for the average student.

Following the Legislative Session, UCA did not receive a funding increase and the university currently receives less state funds than the Arkansas Department of Higher Education's definition of average funding per full-time student.

UCA faculty and staff are not getting a pay increase, but President Allen Meadors will get an increased car allowance.

Meadors has been the president at UCA since 2009 and he just received a new five-year rolling contract. His annual salary is $245,140.

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