UCA Enrollment, Up and Down

Conway - Freshman enrollment at the University of Central Arkansashas grown for the third straight year in a row, while overall total enrollmentis down slightly.

UCA saw an increase of 10% in the 2012 school year, up 197freshmen from 2011. But overallenrollment at UCA is down 0.5%.

Universityofficials are encouraged by the strong freshmen enrollment, said UCA PresidentTom Courtway.

"Overthe past 18 months we have been working on a comprehensive enrollmentmanagement strategy and we have started to implement the plan and we are seeingthe results, especially in our first-time undergraduate numbers. Moving forward, we will be doing more work onretention of these students and our graduate and international enrollment aswell."

Courtwayadded it is important that the school retains these students through tograduation.