UPDATE: UCA student robbed at gunpoint

CONWAY (KATV) - A UCA student was robbed at gunpoint Monday morning and investigators' methods of finding their suspects are growing some controversy.

Howard Farmer and Edwin Turner have been identified as suspects. Neither of them is a UCA student. They allegedly robbed a female student at gunpoint outside the Torreyson Apartment Complex on UCA's campus. The victim was not hurt.

Officers say they tracked the suspects' car from the scene of the crime to a house on Ash Street. Investigators went inside the house and found Farmer and Turner, but also shocked a few people who live there but are innocent of any involvement.

"It's hell to wake up with guns in your face," said Tevin Sledge, who was taken in to custody but later released without being charged. "My morning got started by Conway Police Department and the SWAT team banging on my doors and windows. I got my clothes on and get ready to go outside and I see two flash bombs go off in my way."

Angela Tyson, the mother of one of the suspects, pulled up to the house to pick up her son right as the raid began.

"From nowhere, police just start, you know, pulling up, jumping out with guns...told my son to get on the ground," she described. "They got guns on me and my other two daughters; we don't know what's going on."

She claims her child had nothing to do with the robbery. Police still disagree.

The three young men who were initially taken into custody but later exonerated are still banned from UCA's campus until this investigation is over.