UCA students take second place in Beta Alpha Psi competition

(KATV, Source: UCA Press Release){}Membersof the Theta Lambda chapter of Beta Alpha Psi earned second place in twocompetition areas at the 2014 regional meeting in San Antonio, Texas.{}

JamesCarney, Alex Harbuck, and Tyler Stage represented the UCA chapter and competedin the Strategic Planning Best Practices project, Strategic Planning: ABalanced Scorecard Approach.{} Thestudents competed with students from seven other universities in the region andplaced second in the competition.{}

JonathanMablin, Daniel Meador, and Melissa McDowell represented the UCA chapter andcompeted in the Leadership Best Practices project, Leadership: A BalancedScorecard Approach.{} The studentscompeted with students from seven other universities in the region and placedsecond in the competition.{}

UCAstudents Brooke Goodson and Jarred Hill presented community service ideas toapproximately 75 meeting participants from other chapters. They presented ideassuch as retirement community events, not-for-profit fundraising assistance, andlow income family support activities.{}

TheUCA eight presenting students from above, as well as UCA students Lauren Penfieldand Shelby Lovelace, attended many beneficial presentations, sessions, andpanel discussions which focused on professional development, ethical behavior,leadership skills, service, and professional networking, which were led by BAPprofessional partners and alumni.

The keynote address was givenby Steve Allocca, vice president of Global Credit at Paypal. The studentsattended the meeting in February. BKD, LLP contributed to the students' trip tothe regional meeting.

BetaAlpha Psi is an organization for financial information students andprofessionals with 300 chapters on college and university campuses. The ThetaLambda chapter is identified as a superior chapter by the organization for itscommitment to professional and service hours.{}



2nd Place Winners in Strategic Planning Competition{}Pictured: Alex Harbuck(graduate student), Tyler Stage (senior), and James Carney (senior)

2nd Place Winners in Leadership Competition{}Pictured:{}Johnathin Mablin(junior), Daniel Meador (graduate student),{}

and Melissa McDowell (senior)