Unclaimed jewelry, baseball cards, rare items up for auction by state auditor

Someone else's abandoned safety deposit box could be your treasure.

The Auditor of State is preparing to auction off some unclaimed items. Jewelry, coins and stamps are just a few of the things that will be available for you to bid on starting Friday at 10 AM.

Some of the items are rare. Several dollar bills from the Tallahassee Railroad company are so rare the auditor's office is still doing research on them. The Auditor of State's office says one source claims there are less than 50 known to be in existence.

A few of the other items that stand out includes set of baseball and basketball cards with a Michael Jordan and a piece of jewelry with the Tuf Nut logo. To see more items, click through the slideshow to the right.

The items up for auction are from safety deposit boxes that have been abandoned for at least eight years. The Auditor of State's office says every effort is made to contact the original owner before the sale.

Any personal memorabilia, such as photos or letters, are not included in the sale.

If you're interested in bidding, the auction will be open on eBay for seven days. To see if you have any unclaimed property, click here to search the Auditor of State's database.