Unlicensed Contractor

NORTH LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Wednesday night at 10:00 we shared some advice for people who need to pick and pay a contractor. Now we have an example of what can happen when that advice is not followed. Homeowners are going to be antsy to get their homes repaired or rebuilt. Hopefully due diligence won't be pushed aside by impatience. There is enough damage in Arkansas...especially residential keep contractors working for months. Before you hire a contractor, learn from Jim and Honey Sue Cashion of Cabot and make sure he is licensed. "It doesn't even enter your mind that he's not fully a licensed contractor," says Honey Sue Cashion. "It doesn't even enter your mind." "I guess hindsight is 20/20 but you didn't check to see if his story was true." "No...I guess wee didn't," says Cashion. "Because he was recommended to us by somebody." The Cashions say they hired Patrick Webb to build a North Little Rock home. There are multiple problems and it remains far from finished. "Probably about 60 percent of the house...maybe," says Jim Cashion regarding the percentage of his home that has been completed. "If we're lucky. There is still a lot of electrical that needs to be done. Plumbing. Sewer. We gave him all the money. That was two years ago. And we're still waiting for this home to be completed." Greg Crow with the Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board says Webb has eight complaints on file. Crow says his investigators believe Webb has been bidding on jobs since Sunday's tornado. "He does not have a license," says Crow. "He had one at one time a long time ago. But he's been revoked. He's been denied for a license application twice since then. He has continued to work and we have stop work orders issued." We did visit briefly with Mr. Webb today. He says he lives on Plantation Drive and that his home was sustained minor damage from the tornado. Webb says he has not bid any jobs and state law allows him to do projects that total under $2,000.00. Air date: May 1st, 2014