Unusual accident leaves vehicle abandoned, sitting on its roof

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HOT SPRINGS (Hot Springs Daily) - An unusual accident Tuesday afternoon on the western edge of the city limits in Hot Springs ended up with a car landing on its roof.

A 1997 Ford pickup was pulling a Buick Park Avenue on a utility trailer eastbound on Albert Pike Road just after 2:00 when the car came off the trailer and flipped upside down near the side of the highway near the entrance to the Atrium Retirement Community. Witnesses told police that the trailer had blown a tire and was being drug by the truck.

The driver drove away, headed into Hot Springs where it got onto the Martin Luther King Expressway headed east. At some point the truck took the McLeod exit off the expressway and abandoned the damaged trailer under the overpass bridge on McLeod Street.

One witness who saw the accident occur said they knew the person driving the truck. According to Hot Springs Police, that driver was arrested for DUI a few months ago in Hot Springs and may have been driving on a suspended driver's license Tuesday.

Police have not yet released the driver's identity because, at last check, they were still looking for him or her.

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