Toad Suck Daze a big opportunity for hundreds of businesses

CONWAY (KATV) -Hundreds of vendors set up shop at the 31st annual Toad Suck Daze hoping to reign in the profits. Instead they faced a lot of rain. But even with the weather it was a great opportunity for vendors and the city of Conway.

"Absolutely amazing," said George Webber, a vendor at Toad Suck Daze.

That's the way business owner Webber described the opportunity to expose his business to thousands of people. He says the results are real.

"It just creates a lot of leads you know just a lot of opportunity to create business to help the business grow," he said.

Mary Satterfield, of the chamber of commerce, says the city of Conway also benefits from the hundreds of venders who come from out-of-state to show off their business and it goes beyond the fee they pay to set up shop.

"So you have the impact of them being in town, the hotel stays, the overnight stays, the restaurant stays, gas. All of that as well as all the attendees coming to the festival and all of the money their spending here," said Satterfield.

The impact is big every year but there's something different about this year's Toad Suck Daze. The chilly weather and rain.

"We had several booths that didn't show up this year because of the rain," said Satterfield.

And vendors weren't the only ones put off by this weekend's unusually cold weather.

"The crowds are a little bit smaller today because of the rain," said Satterfield. "But I think they're starting to grow today, the weather is starting to be a little bit better. Tomorrow it'll be even better. I think we're going to see bigger crowds tomorrow. So it's going to help us out with the impact."

Webber admits he's not a big fan of today's winter flashback but it's worth whatever business he gets.

"It kind of dampers a little bit but not our spirits," he said.