UPDATE: Alice 107.7 DJ found safe

LONOKE COUNTY (KATV) - "DC McGehee" has been found safe with a bizarre ending to the search for him.

Around 7:30 Friday night, the Lonoke County Sheriff's Office told Channel 7 News he walked out of his house saying he had been asleep in his attic. Even more bizarre, several searchers went to the attic during the day but didn't see him.

Around noon on Saturday, Lt. Jim Kulesa with the sheriff's office said DC had been in a safe room inside the attic and the door was locked. His family apparently also searched for him and didn't realize he was in that inner room, either.

"DC," whose real name is Willard Moran, didn't show up to work Friday morning at Alice 107.7 FM. Family reported him missing around 10:30 am. Deputies and state troopers spent the day searching for him via air, on ground and even called in a dive team to help.

Channel 7 News had a crew on the scene when DC walked out of his home in the 3700 block of Kerr Station Road. He was seen on KATV video being handcuffed and taken into custody however Lt. Kulesa says he was never formally arrested or charged.

There was an outpouring of support from thousands of fans on social media plus close friends and family waited outside his home for hours.

Alice 107.7 FM posted a quick note to their Facebook fan page Friday night saying:

"The Staff of Alice 107.7 is grateful that DC has been found and is OK.

We are so thankful for the messages of support and concern for his safety and for his family. We are especially grateful to law enforcement from Lonoke County and Cabot for their help during the search today.

We hope that you will continue to pray for DC and his family and friends as they work through challenges that lay ahead. We hope that you will also respect the privacy of the family members during this time of reconciliation and healing."

Lt. Kulesa says he cannot comment on the details of the case but confirms they did not have a previous investigation going on even though DC's home was robbed a few weeks ago.


LONOKE COUNTY (KATV) - Deputies confirm to KATV that "DC McGehee" of the "Heather & DC" morning show on Alice 107.7 FM, is missing.

Lt. Jim Kulesa with the Lonoke County Sheriff's Office said in a phone interview that "DC's" car was still in his driveway when investigators arrived at his home near Cabot.

Family members tell investigators they are concerned because did not show up to work Friday morning. They originally reported him missing at 10:30 a.m.

As of noon Friday, the case was officially being investigated as a missing person case. At 1:00 p.m., Lt. Kulesa said they had begun searching the woods behind "DC's" house. There were not any signs of forced entry to the house or signs of a struggle.

Arkansas State Police brought in their chopper to help in the search.

Around 7:00 Friday evening, the search was winding down but Lt. Kulesa said it would resume Saturday. In the meantime, he said they have received numerous tips of people saying they saw DC around town, including at a gas station. Deputies were heading to that gas station and other locations to check surveillance video to see if it was really him.

Investigators interviewed family and friends and said they had no reason to suspect foul play from any of them. Anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff's office at (501) 676-3000.

Alice 107.7 FM posted a quick note to their Facebook fan page Friday afternoon saying:

"Thank you for the outpouring of prayer and concern for DC and his family. At this writing, we do not have anymore information to share than the authorities have reported to the local news media. Please continue to pray for DC and for his family."

Dozens of friends and family members spent all afternoon at DC's home leaning on each other for support.

DC is married with two children.

Stay with and Channel 7 News for the latest information as it becomes available.