UPDATE: Deputies confirm identity of deadly gunshot victim

HASKELL (KATV) - Saline County investigators confirmed Monday that the victim of a weekend shooting was a teenager.

According to Lt. Scott Courtney, 19-year-old Gregory Pikes was found by two hunters driving through a hunting lease around 12:45 Sunday morning. He had been shot several times.

KATV's Justin Lewis broke this news Sunday evening after speaking with Pikes' family.

Pikes' family said two weeks before his death, they found him beaten up in a nearby ditch. They said he had been threatened by a group of friends. After that, he mainly stayed around their house until Saturday morning when he left without saying anything.

"I laid in the living room all night for my baby. I slept in the living room, me and Leon, 'til three o'clock [Sunday] morning," Robins said.

The family is calling out for justice wanting anyone with information to call local authorities. It's increasingly emotional because Pikes leaves behind a five-month-old daughter.

"Whoever did this to my baby, [they're] gonna get you," Pikes' mother added. "I got faith [they're] gonna find all 'em that did it, and God's going to take care of it for us."

No arrests have been made and no suspects have been named. Anyone with information on this case is asked to call (501) 303-5608.