UPDATE: Fire marshal investigating Little Rock apartment fire

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LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - At least 17 residents are out of their homes after a fire damaged their apartments.

Crews were called to the Bristol Manor Apartments just after 4:45 Saturday afternoon on reports that lightning had struck a unit and started a fire. Eight apartments - at least six of which are occupied - were damaged from the flames, smoke and water.

Little Rock Fire Department Capt. Edwin Woolf said 40 firefighters worked vigorously to prevent the flames from continuing to spread to other units.

"Out of this large building, the fire department, you can see when you move your cameras around that, the fire department really put a good stop on this," Capt. Woolf said. "These guys got here quickly and were able to put the fire out pretty quickly considering how big the complex was."

The fire marshal is investigating to confirm if lightning really did start the fire.