UPDATE: Game & Fish declare missing boater a recovery effort

CONWAY (KATV) - A boater disappeared Tuesday night while night fishing at Cadron Settlement Park.

Police said 43-year-old Mark Russell's family reported him missing Wednesday morning when his truck and trailer were found at the park.

Game & Fish Commission searchers towed in his boat Wednesday afternoon around 3:00. They determined it hit a log or jetty at full speed (around 28 miles per hour), ejecting Russell. The biggest hardship for investigators has been that the boat apparently kept moving after Russell was ejected, only stopping when it finally ran out of gas.

Search crews found the boat washed up by Toad Suck Dam. They found the only life jacket Russell owned still inside. That combined with water temperature of 68.4 degrees led investigators to rule the case a recovery effort - not a search.

Despite that, family members told Channel 7 News they're holding out hope. They and investigators will continue searching the water until Russell is found.